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Let your Light Shine

Remember that beloved children's song, "This little light of mine, I'm gonna let it shine!"? Wherever I serve, working with any generations of people, this song is always sure to bring a smile, and when we sing the verse when we suggest "hide it under a bushel?", to elicit a hearty "NO!!". And. These days I find it so helpful to be reminded to let my own light shine. How about you?

Yesterday -- the day we celebrate St. Francis who performed much of his ministry in nature -- my husband and I went for a hike. In places, the trees bent around the trail, making it both cozy and a bit dark. In other places, the sunbeams shone brilliantly through branches and onto our path.

It's like that in our lives, isn't it? When clouds and tempests arise, we may find it hard to remember that the sun is still there, shining though obscured. In Buddhist meditation, we're taught to regard our "thoughts" as clouds passing by the sun and causing temporary shadow.

Like some of you, lately such a system of clouds rolled through my life that I needed my coach to remind me today to "let my light shine"! That's the beauty of coaching: we don't light your lamp, just uncover it and encourage you to keep shining!

Of course, not everyone is always fond of light. You may have been told to "tone it down", that you are too bright, too much. And to that I say, phooey! You are shining just as you are intended!

To quote from Jesus of Nazareth, one whose teachings order much of my life, "You’re here to be light, bringing out the God-colors in the world" (Matthew 5:14, the Message). Isn't that lovely? To bring out the God-colors in yourself, in your environment, in those around you! It's not your job to make others shine; that's their work to do. But you can light the way!

So, for today friends, let me reminder you: Let you Light Shine! Don't hide it or tamp it down in order to fit. You were not created as a secret to be kept, but as a wonderment to be shared!

Yours in the Light,


p.s. If you think you may enjoy further reminders, reach out to set up a free coaching consultation!


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