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of Wattles and Willows

Hello gentle readers. My apologies for having been away for a while! We've begun our new life in a new country -- In the town of Gibsons on the Sunshine Coast of beautiful British Columbia!

We're living right now in a lovely house located on an 8-acre teaching farm, and since my very first day here I've been learning. For example.

Did you know that a common type of sturdy, homemade fence built around English gardens for centuries is called a Wattle? Neither did I. Not until the owner of the farm where we are living created one. First he put in posts (called "uprights", I later learned) and then used the

winding branches he'd trimmed from a climbing plant and nearby willows to create the "weavers". Ours isn't so much woven as kind of jumbled together, but it has made a lovely fence around my garden, that will create a habitat for birds and also a trellis to grow ivy or other climbing plants. I'm enchanted!

Speaking of Willows, we have lots on this property, and I'm learning to prune them. Apparently, they are quite easy to train into shapes, such as the woven one here in our garden. Even if they are dry, you can soak them to make them more pliable.

I wonder how this land will mold and shape my soul? What hidden shapes of me will it reveal? It is already teaching me to be more bendable, more willing to change and grow. Although we had a recent snow, Spring waits on the horizon, seen in emerging bulbs, and budding trees. BTW, I'm embarrassed to admit that I finally realized where "pussy willows" come from! What's that they say? Live and learn. Well, we're living now, close to the earth and all that brings us life. And I'm so happy to learn.

More soon. The lessons keep on coming!

May you be refreshed and enlivened in this season of transitions.

Love and light.



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