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Taking the wheel

Hello gentle readers. Well, so much for "a blog a day"!

Lately I've been allowing my time to be kidnapped by many maddening details beyond my control -- rather than focusing on my path ahead, and that includes my commitment to you and to sharing words of encouragement on the regular.

Today, I'm taking back the wheel!

During my recent month spent serving in Juneau, Alaska, some dear friends took me out one clear afternoon on their boat. We had heard about some whales feeding nearby, so headed out at a pretty good clip to find them. As I strained ahead to see, the captain (my friend, Larry) asked me if I'd like to take the wheel! Now, I consider myself a fairly brave person, but I was surprised to notice just how frightening it was to have control of this vessel! At first I demurred: no, no I couldn't possibly. Then I thought, come on Joyce! And I put my hands on the wheel. It was exciting, powerful and not that difficult. An experience I'll not soon forget.

How often do we feel that way in life? Disempowered, a part of a system that controls our "life", rather than steering the course of a glorious, fulfilling Life (credit; Hannah Mello).

As an artist, coach, a spiritual seeker, and a priest(ess), I believe we each share our own dance with Creation and that we are given a voice, an agency, a power in our own journey. How often do we willingly (or even unwittingly) hand that agency over to someone or something else?

As we set out toward the horizon, I could feel my Life calling me, shining as brightly as the afternoon sun in that brilliant sky. Bouncing and flying toward it, I could not keep from smiling, even laughing, with delight! I wondered: what miracles can we reach when we respond to the invitation? Of what possibilities am I afraid and being beckoned to follow?

As we neared the spot, Larry cut the engines. Suddenly we were surrounded by a gathering of black backs, fins, tails! There had to be five, six or even seven of these enormous, beautiful creatures. In the relative silence, we could hear them breathing and spouting. When they came near our boat, I was too excited to think of taking a photo! Then, as we prepared to head back, I raised my phone and waited. A large spout went up, as if in farewell. The sun caught the mist and light and water combined to make an ephemeral rainbow, lasting only a moment, but I received the image.

Friends, this week, I invite you to take the wheel in your own life, to head out over unknown waters, trusting in the Creation and in your place within it.

Yours at the helm,



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